Ai WeiWei “Libero” Exhibition Opening

By Jean Hinkley, MA 2016-17

September 23 marked the opening of “Libero” at Palazzo Strozzi – a retrospective of the controversial Chinese artist Ai WeiWei. Curated by Arturo Galansino, the exhibition plays with the juxtaposition of tradition and modernity, old and new, the individual and the collective. Fortunately, the MA Museum Studies students had the opportunity to attend the exhibition opening!

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Na zdravje, Ljubljana! A Weekend in the Capital City of Slovenia

We begrudgingly stepped foot onto our bus outside of Piazza Adua in Firenze, tired already from the short walk from our apartment to our meeting point and hoping, quite simply, to pass out on the ride over and awaken refreshed and with renewed vigor for our weekend away. No one really knew where we were going—Ljubljana? Slovenia? Where is that? How is that even said? 

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Study Tips for Busy Students

By Samantha Hesler, FFE 2015-16

With exactly three weeks left in Florence and finals around the corner it is easy to get stressed. Professors seem to schedule projects, papers, and presentations all around the same time, creating a very hectic world. Meanwhile you want to spend your last fleeting moments enjoying the city you love so much – Florence. So how can you manage to see everything and do well?

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A Trip to the Salvatore Ferragamo Museum

By Cassandra Pintro, FFE 2015-16

Today I went on a little field trip with my introduction to fashion class to… wait for it… THE FERRAGAMO MUSEO in Florence. The museum is located directly below the store in the Ferragamo palace. We enter and the first thing you see are all the walls of shoes and more shoes from top to bottom. They’re from the feet of royals, Audrey Hepburn, and Marilyn Monroe to today’s Angelina Jolie and Michael Jordan.

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Why You Should Study Abroad

By Jackie Gruber, FFE 2015-16

Studying abroad has changed drastically within the last few years – what used to be considered uncommon is now the latest trend. According to National Association of Student Advisors, the number of students studying abroad per academic year grew 5.2%,  from 289,408 students to 304, 467 students. Marist College offers numerous opportunities for all their students to explore living in another country and enhance their global knowledge.

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