Exploring Siena

By Meredith Pollock, MA 2015-16

One of the advantages of studying in Florence is your proximity to the beautiful small towns of Tuscany. Siena, located about fifty miles from Florence, is just a short bus ride away and is full of activities for a day trip or an entire weekend. It is the perfect relaxing getaway, and while enjoying an aperitivo on the Piazza del Campo or exploring the Duomo di Siena you’ll already be planning your next visit!

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Freshmen Florence Experience Food Blogs

As part of the First-Year Seminar Prof. Joseph Campisi is teaching this semester on the Philosophy of Food, students are required to maintain a blog where they respond to weekly prompts.  Recently, they spent time in class discussing the physiology of taste, how our various senses, sight, sound, touch (mouth-feel), taste and especially smell come together to create our experience of the “flavor” of a particular food. They also discussed various conditions under which people come to like and dislike certain foods.

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Fiorentina Calcio

La Viola: the Pride of Firenze

By Sarah Noel Rodriguez, MA 2015-16

The spirit of football and team pride in ACF Fiorentina is strong in the beautiful city of Firenze. The passion for calcio (football) is alive and almost tangible when you are surrounded by the passionate tifosi (supporters) of the sport. In every single piazza, there is purple, red, and white. As you walk through the Central Market at San Lorenzo, you will see the bright flags, scarves, and posters that display the name of the club and the symbol of the city. Talking about the last match is common in most conversations and the phrase “Forza Viola!” is often said.

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The Old with the New

By Isaac Carreon, Marist Italy MA 2014-15

The gardens at Villa I Tatti. Photo by Allison Boyd, '14
The gardens at Villa I Tatti. Photo by Allison Boyd, ’14

To many Italian Renaissance historians, Bernard Berenson needs no introduction, but to the average visitor to Florence, his name might not be so familiar. A 20th century art historian, he accumulated a large fortune by assisting art connoisseurs in assessing the values of Italian art created between the 1200s and well into the 1700s. What he did with his wealth is what is most intriguing to Renaissance historians and those who study the large Anglo-American expatriate community that grew in Florence in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. Berenson purchased a piece of land just outside of Florence to create a Renaissance style villa with modern finishing and plumbing. What may seem like an over the top fanatical love for Italian history, this trend was quite typical of men of wealth during the early 20th century. Berenson was one of these individuals but rather than to just live in a villa that emulated the past; there were more noble alternative reasons as to why he built his villa. Bernard Berenson wished to create a place to cultivate and promote the merits of studying history and he himself saw to this vision to fruition, and upon his death, he donated his villa to Harvard University to continue his legacy of scholarly learning.

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Regional Flavors of Italy – Lazio

Over the past several weeks, Marist Italy has been posting about the gastronomical specialties of the 20 regions of Italy. These guides were created by Alessandra Bianco, Marist Italy MA, 2013-14.

lazioThis is the end, friends. We have reached our final region of Italy, and home to the capital city of Rome… Today we are in Lazio. This region is large and has a very diverse geographical and topographical makeup, which is reflected in the diversity of cuisine you can find here. While all roads may lead to Rome, some of the regional specialties might lead you a bit further afield in this region…

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Regional Flavors of Italy – Marche

Over the next several weeks, Marist Italy will be posting about the gastronomical specialties of the 20 regions of Italy. These guides were created by Alessandra Bianco, Marist Italy MA, 2013-14.

lemarcheThe region of Marche, located in Central Italy has a long coastline and a mountainous interior. The region has a largely agricultural heritage, though in recent years the focus has shifted to also include traditional crafts, which have evolved into thriving small businesses and brands that are now known internationally. This agricultural history, however, is reflected in the regional dishes that you can find here. Perhaps an end of summer seaside getaway to sample the local specialties is in order?

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I Bagni di Toscana

By Juliana Inglese, Marist Italy BA When thinking of Italy, I think of the rolling hills of Tuscany, the rustic architecture, and amazing food. I think most of us have this romanticised version of the Italian culture. However, there are so many other things in Italy that I would have never thought could coexist with the Italian culture; things like Sulphur Hot Springs. Last weekend … Continue reading I Bagni di Toscana