Must See Films About Tuscany

By Lucia A Abouzeid, BA 2013-14

1) Il Ciclone
This is one of my favorite movies of all time and it is a must see if you are coming to Tuscany. The reason why I love this movie so much is because it shows in a very funny way how many Tuscans act in their everyday life. Full of “personaggi”, which is a typical Italian word to describe a character, a person that is full of energy and very funny. A personaggio will make you laugh from the beginning to the end. In this movie there is a mixture of Spanish culture and typical Italian country culture and you see how a group of Spanish girls turns life upside down for an Italian family, changing it forever. This movie shows you how Italians speak with their hands in a very theatrical way and is full of funny characters and funny scenes. All Italians have seen this movie and most of them know the movie word for word. Some parts may be hard to understand because of their Florentine accents but it’s worth seeing.

2)Letters to Juliet
This is a typical love story movie but worth seeing. This movie shows you the best places to go in Tuscany, including the country side (specifically the province of Siena), that, in my opinion, is the most beautiful place in the word. In the movie the characters go around Tuscany looking for the long lost love of an older lady. The reason why I love this movie so much is because it shows you how beautiful the country side of Tuscany can be. Some place seem like if they were paintings and it’s hard to believe that they are real.

3) Notte prima degli esami
This movie shows the typical daily life of Italian students during exams in 1989. It shows you the styles and the typical things young adults did at the time. The film touches upon many themes such as love, friendship, stress of exams, betrayal and mixture of great American and Italian music. The reason why I chose this movie is because it shows the typical life of an Italian giving the viewer a better understanding of young Italians, including showing how Italians are often just like Americans with same problems and desires.

4)Io non ho paura
This is another beautiful movie even though it’s a bit sad. This movie shows you a different aspect of Italian culture, casting light on the life of people of the south and also their poverty. It shows how the mafia is in the everyday life and how in order to survive, many southern Italians have to do terrible things. It also demonstrates the contrast between bad and good and relationships within families. It shows the courage of a child fighting against his family to do the right thing and also displays how friendships are made. At the same time, it shows the beauty of the landscapes of the south.

5)La Vita E’ Bella (Director: Roberto Benigni)
In my opinion this is one of the best movies, and it won many Oscars for foreign movie and for best actor. This movie depicts one of the hardest periods of time, World War II, showing us how hard it was to be an Italian Jew during this horrible era in history. While it is a very sad movie, Roberto Benigni, who plays the main character and was the director, was able to also make it a very funny movie. This movie is great because the deeper message helps us realize that even when life is terrible there is always a bright side to it if you look hard enough.

6)I Cento Passi (Director: Marco Tullio Giordano)
This movie shows us a completely different aspect of Italian culture: the mafia. The mafia is a very big problem in Italy, and this movie shows the ways in which the mafia rules in the south and how terrible it can be. The movie is done very well, and you also see how the population of the south acts and the way they dress. It is a great movie because it shows how not everyone succumbs to the mafia and how there are still people out there fighting for the right reasons.


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