I scream. You scream. We all scream for ICE CREAM!

Searching for the best gelato in Florence is a daunting task. There are so many places, so little time, and our stomachs are only so big. When I arrived here I was overwhelmed with the mounds of goodness displayed through windows and freezers as I walked by on the streets. But luckily I have now gotten out of tourist mode. I know where the real gelato hides.

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Blast from the past… A day in the life of an F.F.E. student

By an anonymous Marist Italy student

Over the past two and a half months I have finally made the realization that my college experience is anything but typical. Since I’ve never gone to school at my actual school campus, this new life I’m currently living was what I labeled as “college life”. From talking to my friends and hearing about their college experiences I have come to terms that this isn’t normal. To attempt to prove my point, I’m going to go through a typical day in my life: a freshman finding her way in Florence.

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Cooking Field Trips

By Elena Eberwein, FFE 2012-13

In my topics in nutrition class this semester we’ve been on two field trips: one to a vineyard in San Gimignano and the other to the Perugina chocolate factory in Perugia. Through these trips I learned more about wine and chocolate than I could have anywhere else in the world. I was enlightened about both the processes of wine making as well as chocolate making. Before these trips I didn’t realize the effort and art behind the making of both an essential drink and indulgent and necessary food.

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The Beginning of a New Adventure


By Patrick Tobin, FFE 2013-14

Wouldn’t your nerves make you feel nauseous to the point of not eating breakfast if you were about to meet the forty or so people that you were going to spend the next year of your life with? Well, that is exactly how I felt that morning at the airport, even though my mother persisted, pushed, and nearly pummeled food down my throat. Rain started to fall; as if I had received some sign from God, I told my mom that I should pretend to get violently ill and then I could just go to community college in the fall.  She and the 20,000 dollars she paid didn’t want to go along with my plan. I took a few deep breaths, and then went on into JFK.

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