Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

By Kevin W. Crowley

We all like to drink COFFEE, so here is a list to help all the newbies out there order at a bar (Italian coffee shop).

  • Caffè: Ask for a caffè and you’ll get an espresso in a small, heated cup.  The caffeine content isn’t high, and Italians will often drink espresso coffee after dinner
  • Caffè doppio: A double espresso
  • Caffè lungo: Espresso diluted but with a higher caffeine content. Also called an Americano, after the American servicemen who found a standard espresso too strong
  • Caffè e latte: A lungo mixed with plenty of hot milk. Asking simply for a latte, as you might in the UK or the USA, will get you a glass of milk
  • Cappuccino: Caffè lungo mixed with frothy hot milk and powdered with chocolate. Traditionally taken as an accompaniment to breakfast pastries in a cafe, where the espresso machine has a special nozzle for frothing the milk. Usually only a morning drink, and never taken after a full meal (the milk would hinder digestion)
  • Caffè ristretto: Gulp-sized espresso and consequently stronger in flavour. Drunk in a single draught, often by people rushing to work
  • Caffè corretto: An espresso with added grappa
  • Caffè macchiato: Espresso with a mere dash of milk; macchiato means “stain”
  • Caffè shakerato: Coffee shaken with ice cubes and sugar, popular in hot weather, especially in the south. Vigorous shaking creates a creamy froth akin to a milkshake even though no milk or cream is added (it looks like a small Guinness)



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