gReY il mimo clown

GrEy tHe MimE
GrEy tHe MimE

by Lisa Marie Davis, Marist Italy MA 2013-14

It had been a long day of exploring the outskirts of Florence when I decided to call my friend to confirm dinner plans for the evening. As I was walking through Piazzale degli Uffizi my phone was snatched out of my hand and replaced with a shoe. No, my phone was not stolen but became a prop for the afternoon impromptu show with Grey the Mime. He took my phone in exchange for his shoe (as if that is a proper replacement), and continued to have a ‘conversation’ with my friend.  I decided to just go with it, and so I proceeded to have a conversation with his fictitious friend on his cellular device: his beat up and slightly smelly shoe. My friend was dying with laughter and taking pictures as I played along in this performance and could not believe that I was so okay with him taking my phone, but this was not my first encounter with

It had been almost two years since I first saw Grey in action. Every Saturday I use to go to Piazzale degli Uffizi to see his live performance with the children I was a nanny for. It truly was and still is a riot to see the way he interacts with bystanders, bridging the gap between all people groups. For those two hours you are united with the people around you through laughter.

photo(2)So don’t miss out on this opportunity for entertainment as well as an opportunity to connect. He will be in Piazzale degli Uffizi (his usual spot) from 3:00-5:00pm tomorrow!


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