Utilizing Your Winter Break

IMG_1551In our opinion, winter break is the best out of all the breaks. There are a plethora of reasons, but here are our top 10:

  1. Winter break is just long enough for you to have a good amount of free time but doesn’t get to that point where you start running out of stuff to do.  Make a list of what you want to accomplish over break so that your free time doesn’t slip through your fingers.
  2. Its a great time to recharge after a long semester of hard work.  R&R&R&R&R – you have time for all the “R”s  RestingRelaxationRechargingRedoingRestoring.  They literally call it winter ‘break’ – so take a breath and focus on you and what you want.  Come back for the spring semester ready to take over the world!
  3. Winter break has a bunch of great holidays mixed in!  Great food and awesome friends and family – do we really need to say much more?
  4. Winter break is a great chance for you to travel without worrying about being back on Monday morning for classes.  Go to that small town in the Tuscan countryside, explore the south of France, take a crazy road trip with your friends- the world is your oyster.
  5. Snow or sand – Nature has some beautiful moments for you to capture during this season.  Don’t forget to take some time to reconnect with nature while you have the opportunity.
  6. You have time to read that book you always wanted to but was too tired or too busy in the semester to pick up!  There is nothing greater than finishing a good book – especially some classic literature.
  7. Catch up with friends and family on break from school or work.  Many schools have break during this period and friends and family members who work full time have more holiday opportunities to be home than in the summer months – take advantage of the free play time!
  8.  Start a search for your summer internship.  Its never too early to start scoping out the companies you want to work for over the summer.  If you start the year with a list of places you want to work at you have a much better chance of finding a job for the summer than trying to split your focus between school work and the summer job hunt.
  9. Exercise!  Its so easy to let fitness fall to the side when you have piles of class work, opportunities to explore with friends or travel instead.  Hit the gym or yoga mat and get recharged for the spring semester.
  10. Do that project you saw on Pinterest or learn a new skill.  You know that project you have wanted to do all year but never got around to it for some reason or another?  Always wanted to take karate classes but never found the time?  Seize the day.  You have time to take a step back from all the craziness that happens during the semester to work on something that you really wanted to get done.

These are just our suggestions, if you have a great idea of what to do over winter break please share it below!  We may add it to our list.

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