My Favorite Art in Florence

miniatoby: Lucia Abouzeid, Marist Italy BA

People come to Florence from all over the world to see its incredible art works and to enjoy its culture. Even though Florence has many works of art, tourists always seem to come see the same things: the David by Michelangelo, La Primavera and the Birth of Venus by Botticelli and the Duomo by Brunelleschi. These masterpieces that I have mentioned are amazing and breathtaking, but in my opinion, Florence has much more art that is equal in beauty to these works by Michelangelo and Botticelli.

 1) The Venus of Urbino by Titian (Uffizi)

I have seen this oil painting many times but I never get sick of it. I think it is so beautiful the way Titian has represented the woman. Her skin seems so soft and her golden hair is just so beautiful. The way she is looking towards the viewer you notice that she is not ashamed by her body; she is confident and powerful. I love the colors that the artist has used especially the deep reds that recall the red color of Venice.

2) Judith and Holofernes by Artemisia Gentileschi (Uffizi)

Looking at this painting you can feel the violence and power within it. The technique that was used by the artist, chiaro scuro, gives this painting a very dark feeling. While I think this painting is absolutely beautiful, it is also terrifying. While I am looking at the painting, I feel the different emotions that the characters are feeling. While I stare at Judith I can feel anger and desire for revenge; while I stare at Holofernes I can only feel anguish and despair. This is the main reason why I like this masterpiece; it transmits so much emotion, which I believe each painting should do.

3) Gates of Paradise by Lorenzo Ghiberti (Museo dell’Opera)

“Ghiberti’s bronze doors changed how artists incorporated naturalism and one-point perspective into bronze reliefs, creating a narrative sequence of 10 scenes, which unfold individually and as a whole.”(

The doors are very big and are worth seeing because they take your breath away. I have never seen this much gold in my entire life; it is an absolutely masterpiece. The doors seem like a book, but instead of having words, they have images that tell the different stories.

4) Basilica di San Miniato a Monte (above Piazzale Michelangelo)  

This is my favorite basilica in Florence because of its location; it has the best view in Florence. Everyone goes to Piazzale Michelangelo to see the city, but in my opinion, the view from San Miniato is even better. The architectural style is Romanesque with some gothic ornaments. I really like admiring the façade of the church and the cemetery that is full of sculptures.

5) Room of the Maps by Stefano Buonsignori and Ignazio Danti (Palazzo Vecchio)  

Along with other classical inventions, the Renaissance saw a rebirth of reliable ways to map the world. The first time I saw this room I was so amazed by all of the maps and how different each map was from each other. The reason why I like this room so much is because you can see the creation of the map and how different everything was back then. It is a very incredible collection of different maps and they are used to decorate the room. In the middle of the room there is a very beautiful globe.


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