Pick a place and just go!


The forecast for Friday turned out to be sunny and I woke up naturally at 7 am. It seemed the only appropriate thing to do was get outside and enjoy my first free weekend of the spring semester. So I packed up a backpack, walked into Santa Maria Novella.  Looking up at the departures board, I thought to myself which place sounded most interesting? I hear Arezzo is pretty interesting and that train leaves in 10 minutes, I’m totally there!

Talk about your freedom. After I had walked around Arezzo for a while, I thought the adventure shouldn’t stop here. I went to the train station and looked at the ‘Tren in Toscana’ map for my next destination and saw Cortona.  Cortona was a town made famous from that super cheesy Under the Tuscan Sun movie and it was only two stops away.

So I went. Cortona is now my new favorite town in Tuscany, and I have been to quite a few of them over the past 6 months. I hiked up a mountain about 6 km to get to this hilltop town. Once you walk through its walls you are in Tuscan overload. Small streets, stone buildings, old Fiats, old ladies giving you free wine, it was just an incredible place. I even found some fellow adventuring students here and we sat on top of the mountain and just tried to take in the vast surrounding landscapes of Tuscany and nearby Umbria. After living here for a semester I am fully aware to the fact the world is always within my grasp. Whether its Florence, Tuscany, or beyond. The key is putting yourself out there. Every day living in Florence can hold a once in a lifetime opportunity and I don’t plan on missing any of them.IMG_2649

Oh, and by the way, if you make it to Cortona I highly recommend you try the pizza con tartufo e funghi near the main piazza, it’ll blow your mind and previous perceptions of what a pizza should be.


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