Cheese Cheese Cheese

Cheeses are just better in Italy.  Did you know that Parmigiana-Reggiano cheese originated in IMG_7161the area around Parma, Italy?  There are many restrictions put into place which specify what can and can’t be called Parmigiana cheese everything from the manufacturing of the cheese to the grains that the cows eat must come from the region of Reggio Emilia.  Italians are also the brilliant minds behind many other cheeses, including Gorgonzola, mozzarella, provolone, and ricotta. There is no document which specifies where pizza was born but Naples was the driving force behind its massive popularity.

Best places to find authentic cheeses around Italy: 

  1. Parmigiana Cheese – Parma, Italy
  2. Mozzarella – Naples, Italy
  3. Gorgonzola- Gorgonzola, Italy (We are serious on this one look it up, its right outside of Milan!)
  4. Ricotta – Northern Italy 
  5. Provolone –  Casilli near Vesuvius

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