Peanut Butter Adventures

mercato By Lauren Sibole, Marist Italy FFE 2013-14

Skippy, Jif, Peter Pan, oh my! The possible peanut butter selections in America are never ending. We also have the option of choosing from a variety of different nut butters as well, such as cashew or almond. Coming to Europe I knew that my peanut butter selection would be limited. I have been able to buy some small containers; my favorite being Calve from the VVM Mart, a local Italian brand. Europeans are all about Nutella, the creamy hazelnut and chocolate spread. However, I do not like hazelnuts so I do not buy Nutella, and so I have been missing my peanut butter from back home. Local grocery stores do sell Skippy peanut butter, however I personally think it tastes different, and the jar is so small and pricey!

I had been craving my freshly ground peanut butter that I normally get at home, and one of my fellow classmates told me that at the Mercato Centrale they grind up peanuts for you to make freshly ground peanut butter. Excited out of my mind to finally get some freshly ground, yummy, gooey, salty peanut butter, I set off to Mercato Centrale, the local organic Italian grocery market, prepared to get the largest container possible. As I approached the stand where they sell a variety of nuts, I asked the woman if she could grind them up and make peanut butter for me. She replied that they do not do that here. My heart sank as I learned I had misunderstood my classmate, and that they do not make freshly ground peanut butter at the Mercato Centrale. However I am determined to find it! For all of my fellow peanut butter lovers, I will continue to search for freshly ground peanut butter. The hunt continues…

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