The Chestnut King

by: Julianne Homola, Marist Italy Staff On Sunday I was heading out to a small town outside of Florence, Marridi.  This town is so small that it isn’t even on Google Maps unless you know to look for it.  In Marridi I would find a pretty famous and highly popular Chestnut festival (otherwise know as: Castagne di Marroni). However my story doesn’t truly begin until I reached the … Continue reading The Chestnut King


by Lucia Abouzeid, Marist Italy BA Metamorphosis is a series of painting done by Alexander Marco Salazar, a Marist Italy student here in Florence. The exhibition opened on Thursday, 6th of March and it is located in Piazza Piattellina, 9 at Hemingway bar. Metamorphosis is a series in which Salazar examines the relationship between time, identity and inner reality. Change is an inevitable component our lives. We constantly … Continue reading Metamorphosis

Spring Break

By Elena R. Eberwein, FFE

After a weekend of studying and five midterm exams over the course of three long days, I was done. My spring break began on a Wednesday evening, and I spent it ironically watching the movie Taken by myself as my friends continued studying for Thursday exams. I’d never seen the movie before, and it was a good reminder to be cautious, as I was flying to Madrid on my own only a few hours later. My Dad is pretty awesome, but I’m not sure if he has the secret skills that Liam Neeson busts out in that movie.

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Spring Break Emergency Workout Plan!

by: Lauren Sibole, Marist Italy FFE, 2013-14 Spring break is in 7 days… how did that happen? If you’re still in hot chocolate and Christmas treats mode, it is time to wake up and smell the sand! Spring break is always something that sneaks up on us, so in order to prepare for all of you who have not started their spring break workout. I’ve … Continue reading Spring Break Emergency Workout Plan!

How to reconcile with your guilty conscience…

by: Daniela Noemi Fanelli I open my planner, blindly flipping through the weeks left until May 16th. I close it. I open it again and I count through it carefully:     this week pre-midterm week mid-term week spring break week lake como week grandma’s birthday week week with long weekend easter monday week another week with long weekend (thanks labour day) pre-finals week finals That’s … Continue reading How to reconcile with your guilty conscience…