aby Lucia Abouzeid, Marist Italy BA

Living in Florence is great, but sometimes you need a break from this amazing city, especially during the winter. This year for my winter break I decided to go somewhere warm to charge my batteries to survive the rest of the winter. After a lot of research I decided to go to Tenerife.

Tenerife is the largest island in the Canary Islands. The main reason I chose Tenerife is because it was not too far from Italy: there is a direct flight from Pisa and it’s only 5 hours, rather than further getaways that require 9 hours of travel with at least one layover and losing an entire day. Another great thing about this island is that January is low season so everything is very cheap. I was able to book my flight to and from Tenerife and a week in a four star hotel with included breakfast and dinner in Playa de las Americas for 500 euros.

bPlaya de las Americas is in the southern part of the island. The northern part of the island is very windy and cold in January, while the south is very warm. The entire time we had great weather with temperatures averaging 22 degrees celsius (about 72 degrees fahrenheit), which was absolutely amazing. It felt so good to be able to wear a dress or go swimming in January. Also another great thing about this volcanic island is that it has a lot of activities to do and because it was January they were all 50 percent off.

While I was there I went on a big sailing boat ride around the island, I drove a jet ski to go see whales and dolphins and then I went up to the volcano on a quad, it was so much fun. These are only a few of the million things you can do on this island, so my advice is don’t just lay on the beach, be active and enjoy the things the island has to offer.  d

The island is absolutely beautiful because it’s a volcanic island the sand is black and the contrast between the very light blue water and the black of the sand is amazing. The landscape is very unique because you can be on the beach and then get in a car and in 15 minutes you are on mountains surrounded by vegetation. Then you go see the volcano and it seems like if you are in the desert or on mars. It’s incredible.

The island is part of the European Union so their currency is Euros. The native language is Spanish and many of their dishes are Spanish dishes. The people there are very friendly and the food is delicious. There is a restaurant called “Piscis” located in a town called La Calleta that is absolutely incredible. They are famous for their fish. You could taste how fresh the fish was and the location of the restaurant is right on the beach so you have a fantastic view while you eat. Another typical food of the island are “ las patatas canarias” which are small potatoes.   c

The holiday was incredible and I had so much fun that I can not wait to go back.


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