Notte Bianca – SACI and the “White Night” in Florence, all night long: April 30, 2014

A night to remember!


Notte Bianca 2014 Firenze For the 5th year in a row, Florence celebrates all night long for the annual  Notte Bianca  festival on Wednesday,   April 30, 2014 . What happens during the  white night ? First of all, one must understand what a white night is in Italian. This expression refers to when you don’t sleep most of the night! Spring has already sprung, so its time to celebrate with special festivities, free concerts in the streets and piazzas, dancing and performances, museums open late, art installations, projections, and shops and restaurants tempting you into the wee hours of the night.

This year’s program is symbolically inspired by Florence as a city without boundaries. The 2014 edition is a loose reinterpretation of the vision of the avant-garde group called Architetti Radicali active in Florence in the late ’60s that marked a significant page of the culture of the twentieth century. For a full program calendar and map…

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