FFE Field Day

The day started off warm and sunny, and as we walked over to Cascine Park everyone was excited and tense, ready to play and win, as the Marist Italy FFE students battled each other in the first ever Marist Italy field day. The students were split into teams based on their residence, either San Gallo or San Lorenzo.

The first game was “Egg on a Spoon.” We had to hold the spoon with the egg and walk in a zig-zag and then pass it off to the next person. When it was my turn to go, my hands were literally shaking, and it took everything I had to not drop the egg – luckily it stayed on the spoon. The next game was a water balloon toss. It was a lot funnier to watch than egg on a spoon. People were either really good at catching and tossing the water balloon, while others ended up getting soaked when it broke on them. When the majority of the teams were out, only one group was left from the San Gallo side, Olivia and Emily. As far apart as they were from each other, I thought they were going to break the balloon on the last toss. Emily threw the balloon to Olivia and we all watched anxiously as the balloon sailed through the air. Before we knew it Olivia was sliding to the ground catching the balloon between her arms and chest. All of the San Gallo kids started cheering loudly; it was the best catch we had seen.

As we were getting ready for tug-of-war it started to drizzle, but instead of heading back to the Marist office, we choose to stay and continue playing. We were having so much fun; we didn’t want to end the day early. We played the next two activities in the rain, but we didn’t care. When all of the games were over, we walked back to the Marist office in the rain; of course none of us had umbrellas so we continued to get rained on. At the office we watched Harry Potter and we all curled up on the couches and the floor waiting for the pizza to get there. In all honesty, I was not looking forward to FFE Field Day. I was a little worried it would be boring and not a lot of fun, and I was happy to be proven wrong. In fact, I wish there had been more field days during the year.


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