by Lucia A Abouzeid, Marist Italy BA

Each spring semester the Marist BA students have an overnight trip, and this year we went to Croatia. When I heard the destination I was really excited – I had always wanted to go to Croatia and I was finally going! Everyone that I talked to could not wait to go. We all hoped that the weather would hold up so that we could go swimming and tan a little bit, giving us a little taste of summer and relaxation just before the craziness of finals.

We left on the 25th of May at 6:30 in the morning. We all looked like walking zombies, and the only thing we wanted to do was get on to the bus and go back to sleep. Getting up that early is nice because Florence is absolutely empty and it is beautiful, but to do it frequently is not worth it – I prefer sleeping. We left Florence with the worry that the entire weekend was going to be ruined by the rain because of the recent forecast, but we all hoped that it was not going to be that way. The ride to Croatia took 7 hours, but we were all so thrilled that we did not even notice that it was that long. There were times on the bus when it was very quiet because everyone was sleeping and other times it was very noisy because everyone was talking. The BA overnight trips are great because it is one of the few times that we are able to get all together as a group and see each other. For many this was the last trip because they are seniors and they will be graduating very soon. So this was our last opportunity to have fun all together.

As soon as we crossed the border into Croatia it started raining. Luckily we were still on the bus, but as soon as we arrived in Pula the sun came out. We left our bags in the hostel and went straight to lunch. We had a nice meal and as soon as we finished we went to change and then we were off to find a beach. The town where we were staying was not as close to the beach as we though but is was a nice 30 minute walk. Croatian beaches are very rocky, but the water was incredible. The water was a clear blue color and it was so inviting but it was to cold for me to get in. Everybody else did but hearing the others scream from the cold of the water it made me want to get in even less.

For dinner we went to a very nice restaurant that was near the Coliseum. As soon as we arrived the first thing we could see from the window of the bus was the coliseum that I said: “Guys we took a wrong turn somewhere we are in Rome”. The dinner was delicious. The best part was the dessert, a chocolate tortino with a raspberry sauce that as soon as you opened it melted dark chocolate came out. It was heaven. At the end of the dinner we went back to the hostel where we spent the night playing cards and talking.

The next morning we were up early again because we were going on a cruise. The weather was not amazing but it was not raining so we went. The boat took us around, showing us the absolutely beautiful coast of Croatia. We passed tiny little towns and one of the most famous nudist beaches in Europe but nobody was there due to cold. The boat took us to a pirate cave that was astonishing. There was a bar and a flagpole of an old boat that you could climb up and see the view. As soon as we reached the cave it started raining but even with the rain it was beautiful. The rain gave the place a very tropical feeling. After the rain had stopped we returned to the boat were we had lunch. After lunch we cruised along until we reached a town. We did not really visit it because it had begun raining again so we found a bar and played pool all afternoon. We returned to the boat and finally the sun came out so we were able to soak it in until we reached the destination were the bus was waiting for us to return to Pula. I liked the boat ride a lot because we were able to see parts of Croatia that we would not be able to see by bus. The boat ride was the best part of the trip. We had the night off so we had dinner and after we went to bed.

The next morning we had some free time so I decided to go see the town and do some gift shopping. The little town was really nice even though it is small. We visited the coliseum and the food market. At 11:30 we left the hostel and went to lunch that was very nice. Around 2 we left Pula to return to Florence.
The trip was very nice – I loved it and I had a lot of fun and I wish we could have stayed longer since it was a very relaxing place. We were very lucky with the weather and everything went smoothly. It was a great way to say goodbye to the seniors and meet new people. I cannot wait for the next BA trip, so much that I wish we could have more then one a year.

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