Repost about World Travels

World Travels By Elena Eberwein, Marist Italy FFE Today in my conflict resolution class I learned about Apartheid, Mexican drug cartels, and international PTSD all within the span of two and a half hours. Last night I was up until 3am writing a research paper on the conflict between Sudan and South Sudan after South Sudan gained independence. I’ve officially decided to apply for a 3 … Continue reading Repost about World Travels

Repost about Cooking Class.

   By Emily Bagnell  Marist Italy Junior, Psych/Special Education and Communications My favorite day of the week… cooking class and wine tasting! Today in cooking our class made three things.  One group made the Calzones: one batch had eggplant, mozzarella, and onions, another batch had tomato, mozzarella, and onions and the last batch was “Classico” meaning it had anchovies and chives.  The second group made rice … Continue reading Repost about Cooking Class.

A Repost about the last Election.

Election Blurb By Anonymous Marist Italy Student According to my friend Eric, there are four categories of people: those who are informed and vote come first, those who are informed and don’t vote come second, those who just don’t vote come third, and those who aren’t informed but still vote are in the fourth category. Currently I sit in category number two. I didn’t put … Continue reading A Repost about the last Election.