Repost about Cooking Class.


 By Emily Bagnell

 Marist Italy Junior, Psych/Special Education and Communications


My favorite day of the week… cooking class and wine tasting! Today in cooking our class made three things.  One group made the Calzones: one batch had eggplant, mozzarella, and onions, another batch had tomato, mozzarella, and onions and the last batch was “Classico” meaning it had anchovies and chives.  The second group made rice balls and the third group, which I was a part of, made a dark chocolate tart cake with fresh fruit on top and underneath the cake a strawberry puree and then a blackberry puree! It was delicious!

After cooking I had wine tasting. We first started in the classroom where we had 4 wines, a white, 2 red and a desert wine. Then, we had our break and left for our field trip to a wine store.  On the walk, we passed through a site that I thought I would never see here in Florence: the house where the writer of Pinocchio was born and lived his life!  We continued our walk and eventually made it to the store.  The store was so cool when you first walked in; it was filled with barrels of wine that kind of reminded me of the kegs we would get at parties at school.  Next, we all walked over to the counter where a woman served us a bottle of Merlot; however, this was not like any other bottle of Merlot.  The woman put an empty bottle up to the wall of the store and turned a faucet and the wine came out of a dispenser from the wall.  The wine was delicious and surprisingly one of the best I had so far! After this trip, as we were walking back, our teacher stopped us and pointed out a little notch on the side of the building.  The notch, as we learned, was once a wine shop, where people would stick their empty bottles of wine through it, and the people inside would fill them up. This was all done without faces being shown.

After class, I went back to the apartment, did a little homework, and got ready for our big Marist dinner at “Al Gatto” where we were served bottomless wine, antipasti, and pasta… it couldn’t have been a better night!


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