Regional Flavors of Italy – Veneto

Over the next several weeks, Marist Italy will be posting about the gastronomical specialties of the 20 regions of Italy. These guides were created by Alessandra Bianco, Marist Italy MA, 2013-14.

VenetoNext in our series is the region of Veneto. With its famous capital city of Venice and magical Verona within its borders, Veneto is widely known outside of Italy. Visitors flock to this region (and especially Venice) to celebrate Carnival, leave wishes for Juliet and travel the canals, and perhaps acquire a Venetian mask or some glass from Murano. But what about the food? Though Venice often gets a bad rap for catering to tourists only, this region is full of wonderful options. With this guide, hopefully you can visit Veneto and leave with a satisfied and full belly…  Continue reading “Regional Flavors of Italy – Veneto”

A Fall Break Experience

By Maria Bellardino, FFE 2014-15

Studying abroad in Italy gives students many opportunities to travel. Florence is beautiful, but sometimes it’s nice to get away for a couple days. Italy is close to many other countries and the easy ways to get there include trains, budget airlines, and even by boat. It is nice to be able to travel to a different country like France or Germany for the weekend or travel for an extended period of time like the refreshing ten day fall break Marist gives students. My destination of choice for fall break was Greece. I worked my way from Italy down to Corfu, through to Athens, and ending in Santorini.  Continue reading “A Fall Break Experience”

A Spiritual Connection with Papa Francesco

By Emma Montross, MA 2014-15

On Sunday, November 16th I was fortunate enough to, for a price, travel on a Lorenzo de’Medici-sponsored trip to Vatican City for the Papal Angelus. For those who do not know, as I did not before attending this event, the Papal Angelus is a weekly occurrence in which Papa (Italian for Pope) addresses the crowd in Piazza di San Pietro from the papal apartments above the square. The Angelus usually includes a reading from the Bible with a short reflection, and then he, with the crowd, prays the Angelus Domini. Papa Francesco wraps up his fifteen-minute address by greeting pilgrims and tourists alike below in various languages. He blesses the crowd and any holy objects visitors may have with them (who doesn’t need a little bit of extra help to get through finals?). In addition to walking away with a flawless gift in the form of a blessed rosary for my grandmother, I left with a distinct sense of awareness.  Continue reading “A Spiritual Connection with Papa Francesco”

First Year Seminar Photo Contest

As regular readers of the Marist Italy blog know, all Marist Italy freshmen participated in a class this semester called First Year Seminar: Florence by Foot, Tuscany by Train. As part of their final project they were invited to participate in a photo contest featuring their favorite photos from their pilgrimages. Below are the photos that were submitted.

Photo by Nicholas Porter
Photo by Nicholas Porter, Greece

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By Juliana Inglese, Marist Italy FFE 2014-15

Photo: Allison Boyd, Marist Italy MA 2013-14
Photo: Allison Boyd, Marist Italy MA 2013-14

Every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I pass Piazza della Repubblica. I have class at the Strozzi classroom building and make the trek through the Piazza, usually on my way home. I therefore always pass the Carousel. As residents of Florence, we’ve all seen it, maybe some have even ridden it, as I did for the first time a few days ago. Now, I didn’t come down off my metal horse and have an epiphany about the meaning of life, but I did have a smile on my face and a comfortable seat for a minute.  Continue reading “Carousel”

FYS: Florence by Foot, Tuscany by Train

Marist Italy Freshmen during their Pilgrimage Cocktail Party
Marist Italy Freshmen during their Pilgrimage Cocktail Party

This semester, all Marist Italy freshmen participated in the First Year Seminar class entitled: Florence by Foot, Tuscany by Train, taught by visiting Marist professor, Lea Graham. As students finish their final projects, prepare for the second of two public presentations on their pilgrimage, and reflect on the semester that has passed, Professor Graham has put together some thoughts on the course and photos from the first presentation event, which allowed the Freshmen to share their work with the Marist Italy Masters students. Read on and see the other photos below:

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