First Year Seminar Photo Contest

As regular readers of the Marist Italy blog know, all Marist Italy freshmen participated in a class this semester called First Year Seminar: Florence by Foot, Tuscany by Train. As part of their final project they were invited to participate in a photo contest featuring their favorite photos from their pilgrimages. Below are the photos that were submitted.

Photo by Nicholas Porter
Photo by Nicholas Porter, Greece

Photo by Dominica Dayton
Photo by Dominica Dayton, Venice
Photo by Emma Arabia
Photo by Emma Arabia, Sicily
Photo by Maria Bellardino
Photo by Maria Bellardino, Greece
Photo by Mackenzie Fairchild
Photo by Mackenzie Fairchild, Venice
Photo by Juliana Inglese
Photo by Juliana Inglese, London
Photo by Salvatore Isola
Photo by Salvatore Isola, London
Photo by Micaela Martini
Photo by Micaela Martini, Paris
Photo by Connor McDonald
Photo by Connor McDonald, Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin
Photo by Caitlin O'Brien
Photo by Caitlin O’Brien, Paris
Photo by Julia Russell
Photo by Julia Russell, Pisa
Photo by Sarah Valentine
Photo by Sarah Valentine, Paris


For more details about what the class entailed, please see our previous blog post about this year’s First Year Seminar.



One thought on “First Year Seminar Photo Contest

  1. Nicholas Porter Breathtaking photo, Dominica Dayton that picture captures the true essence of Venice, Emma Arabia Anything with a dog is a great picture they always know how to pose, Maria Bellardino perfect photo to capture Greece, Mackenzie Fairchild seeing the true way italians live in style, Juliana Inglese if thats not a Harry Potter fan i don’t know what is, Salvatore Isola you in the picture enough said ๐Ÿ™‚ Micaela Martini the way the lights are luminous around you just show how beautiful the picture really is, Connor McDonald that is how we should all ride…in style, Caitlin Oโ€™Brien the simplicity of this photo only makes it more lovely, Julia Russell italian beauty any where you look, and Sarah Valentine love how the objects are present but are still balanced by the sky.

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