The 2015 MA Cohort Goes to Switzerland

By Emma Montross, MA 2014-15

6:30 AM is an early departure time under any circumstances, but when paired with the promise of waking up in a beautiful new country, the pre-dawn alarm becomes a lot easier to swallow. Last weekend, the Museum Studies Masters students had the opportunity to travel from bella Firenze to Zurich, the bustling and historic capital of Switzerland. A couple of stops were taken along the way, specifically Lucerne and Lugano, which couldn’t have been better additions to the trip. Being able to experience Lucerne, Lugano, and Zurich (with the Alps to keep us occupied on the bus in-between cities) was an excellent, albeit small, example of what Switzerland has to offer. Continue reading “The 2015 MA Cohort Goes to Switzerland”

Regional Flavors of Italy – Sicilia

By Alessandra Bianco, MA 2013-14

OK, I have to admit, this post is a little bit selfish – I am about to embark on a week-long trip to Sicily, which naturally has me wondering, what should I eat? This island region of Italy, which looks like a ball being kicked by the boot, features one of the most active volcanoes in the world, Mt. Etna, a long history of different cultures ruling the island, and a hilly landscape with rich soil, all of which come together for a diverse and delicious gastronomic landscape. Famous for its seafood and desserts, the cuisine in Sicily is not to be missed.

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Florence’s Oltrarno

By Tyler Ostrander, MA 2014-15

When someone mentions Florence, you usually think of the obvious landmarks, like the Duomo, the Uffizi, and Palazzo Vecchio. All of these locations, as with a majority of Florence’s tourist attractions, are located on the northern banks of the Arno River. Despite the more apparent fame of this side of the river, there is still much to be seen in the lesser-known region on the other side of the river, commonly known as the Oltrarno. Continue reading “Florence’s Oltrarno”

Simone d’Auria “Personal/unpersonal”

By Mackenzie Constantinou, MA 2014-15

Located on via Il Vicolo dell’Oro, near the Ponte Vecchio, is a contemporary art instillation by Italian artist Simone D’Auria. This work, entitled ‘Personal/Unpersonal’ is exhibited through the Lungarno Collection, the hotel management company owned by the Ferragamo family. This instillation consists of human figures with animal heads climbing up the side of a building, walking in the street, and flying through the air. These anthropomorphic figures, as described by D’Aura, “keep moving forward whatever the challenge, rise to the top because there are no limits”.

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