Simone d’Auria “Personal/unpersonal”

By Mackenzie Constantinou, MA 2014-15

Located on via Il Vicolo dell’Oro, near the Ponte Vecchio, is a contemporary art instillation by Italian artist Simone D’Auria. This work, entitled ‘Personal/Unpersonal’ is exhibited through the Lungarno Collection, the hotel management company owned by the Ferragamo family. This instillation consists of human figures with animal heads climbing up the side of a building, walking in the street, and flying through the air. These anthropomorphic figures, as described by D’Aura, “keep moving forward whatever the challenge, rise to the top because there are no limits”.

These eighteen life size figures, which are almost identical in form, are made from white resin but D’Auria placed different animals heads on each figure, which creates a captivating scene. Each animal was used to depict a different situation and message to the viewer. The artist was inspired by Florentine history to create these contemporary art figures. This outdoor exhibition, populated by fantastical figures, is inspired by the powerful men who created the city of Florence that were represented by animalistic symbols. These symbols and emblems depict the leader’s motto and how they wished to be portrayed, which was highly inspirational for Simone D’Auria. For example, within Florentine history the symbol of Cosimo I Medici was a turtle with a sail. This image was used to capture the essence of Cosimo I’s ideals and visually represent his motto festina lente. The artist Simone D’Auria was captivated by these images of symbolic figures which turned into the driving motivation for this work of art.


To learn more about the instillation visit the website:

First photo by

Second photo by Mackenzie Constantinou

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