An Easter Island Adventure

By Mackenzie Fairchild and Aimelie Moen, Marist Italy BAs

On March 14th we were whisked away from Florence into the world of Chile. After a three day trek from Florence to Paris to Santiago then, finally, to Easter Island, one of the most remote inhabited islands in the world, we finally arrived at our destination. As our plane landed, Professor Lorenzo Casamenti said in his charmingly thick Italian accent, “We have arrived…Easter Island.” Then winked. It had been a dream until the moment when we stepped out onto the stairs, descending into the sticky, warm, tropical air. We were greeted by some islanders, as they placed flower leis around our necks. We had finally made it. Continue reading “An Easter Island Adventure”

Poets Take the Streets

By Mackenzie Constantinou, MA 2014-15

Walking down the narrow, busy, cobbled streets of Florence you might notice bright colored street art or flyers glued to the walls. Though, if taking time to actually notice the wall decorations passersby might come across white posters with a few lines written on them. These seem peculiar in comparison to the eye-catching dynamic works that also adorn the walls. The white papers are poems written by locals and can be found throughout the entire city center.  Continue reading “Poets Take the Streets”

Why Are Dogs Allowed Everywhere in Florence?

By Elena Tarasova, BA 2013-17

It is difficult not to notice furry four legged man’s best friend in almost every place in Florence.   Dogs in Florence take to the city with confidence and with an air of nonchalance. In restaurants, museums, coffee shops, retail stores it is difficult to not find a dog with his owner. Other places in Europe and the United States generally do not let these furry companions roam leash-less, let alone enter some of the most amazing churches and museums in the world. So why are dogs allowed everywhere? Continue reading “Why Are Dogs Allowed Everywhere in Florence?”

Regional Flavors of Italy – Puglia

By Alessandra Bianco, MA 2013-14
Another post based on travel plans – this weekend a group of Marist Italy BA students are embarking on a long weekend in Puglia, and thus, we need to know what to eat! The heel of the boot, Puglia is emerging as a force of nature in the Italian culinary and tourism scenes. With beautiful coastline and delicious food, we can see the appeal! Read on to find out the best of what Puglia has to offer.

Continue reading “Regional Flavors of Italy – Puglia”