Mortal Veil: Michelangelo and Depictions the Human Body

By Rosanna Sumera, MA 2014-15

On April 13th, nine of the Marist-Italy MA in Museum Studies students opened their exhibition titled Mortal Veil: Michelangelo and Depictions the Human Body which focuses on three styles of Michelangelo’s figure studies: anatomy, movement and classicism. Students created this exhibition because studies of the human body have always been fundamental to art and a preoccupation of artists in perfecting the depiction of the human form.

During his career, Michelangelo continued this centuries old evolution of rendering the human body and was relentless in his quest to refine the idealized depictions of it while carrying out his works in the Renaissance humanistic tradition. The exhibition was a collaborative project between the Fondazione Casa Buonarroti, Istituto Lorenzo de’Medici, and Marist Italy’s Museums and the Public II and Museum Education courses. Students from the Museum Education class taught by Professor Carlotta Fuhs contributed to the exhibition by creating didactics to accompany the exhibition.

The intimate gathering comprised of Marist staff and MA students, Casa Buonarroti staff, guests and media began in the Casa Buonarroti courtyard. Speeches were given by Casa Buonarroti’s museum director Dr. Pina Ragionieri, Marist-Italy MA Director Dr. Maia Wellington Gahtan, Curator and exhibition advisor Dr. Marcella Marongiu and two MA students, to name a few. Afterwards, guests were welcome to view the exhibition and to partake in the educational activities. Students got to experience what it was like to participate in a real exhibition opening, with media and interviews to promote the exhibition on a global level.

Photo © Sarah Klein, Marist Italy MA 2014-15

Michelangelo is known for his sculptures, paintings and architectural creations among other works, and a number of his masterpieces are known around the world. Students in the Museums and the Public II, Casa Buonarroti class were excited to be able to create an exhibition and have access to Michelangelo’s drawings and poetry. Casa Buonarroti is home to a vast collection of Michelangelo’s works on paper, which are rarely exhibited due to their fragility. This exhibition provides its audience a unique opportunity to view masterpieces on paper that have not been exhibited to the public for several years.

The exhibition is open to the public from April 15 to May 18, 2015.

Casa Buonarroti is open from 9:00am to 5:00pm (closed Tuesdays) and tickets are €6.50.

Photo © Sarah Klein, Marist Italy MA 2014-15

Photos © Sarah Klein, Marist Italy MA 2014-15

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