Regional Flavors of Italy – Liguria

By Alessandra Bianco, MA 2013-14

Ahhh Liguria… Home of the famous Cinque Terre. The only thing more amazing than the views from the hiking trails of Cinque Terre is the food. Located on the rocky north-western coastline of Italy, the cuisine in this region is rich in seafood (naturally, with its abundant coastline and with a capital city of Genoa, a famous port-town), but this article actually will not focus on the seafood options – those are all amazing! This article instead will feature the non-seafood options, which are numerous and delicious.  Continue reading “Regional Flavors of Italy – Liguria”

Regional Flavors of Italy – Friuli-Venezia Giulia

By Alessandra Bianco, MA 2013-14.

Friuli-Venezia Giulia is perhaps not a region of Italy that you’re very familiar with, but I assure you its cuisine is among the all-stars of Italian food. This region in the extreme north-eastern part of Italy, which shares a border with the Veneto region, Austria, and Slovenia, as well as coastline on the Adriatic Sea, has a unique history, starting as a Roman colony, then going back and forth as property of Venice and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and then as a part of Italy (though even that status was in flux in the early 20th Century). This incredible history has had an impact on its cuisine that you can see today through sampling regional specialties.  Continue reading “Regional Flavors of Italy – Friuli-Venezia Giulia”

Buried Treasure

By Juliana Inglese, Marist Italy BA

When walking through piazza Santo Spirito, with Brunelleschi’s Santo Spirito Cathedral behind you, looking across the piazza ahead, there is a set of large wooden doors. At Piazza Santo Spirito, 12, 50125 Firenze, Italia, there is the small artisan shop of Giuliano Cecchi, now run by Carlo Ricchi, a shop that has not changed since the nineteenth century. We entered on a whisper that handmade euro coin bracelets could be bought for cheap. What we found far surpassed our expectations. When entering the shop, you seem to be stepping back in time. Continue reading “Buried Treasure”

Regional Flavors of Italy – Basilicata

By Alessandra Bianco, MA 2013-14.

, located in the arch of the boot that is the Italian peninsula, is yet another region filled with unique and delicious treats to try. Though this area is not yet known for a bustling tourism industry, it does feature several well-known areas such as the UNESCO World Heritage site, Matera, and beautiful terrain, including the coastline along the Ionian Sea. Put it on your list for a visit and you will not be disappointed!  Continue reading “Regional Flavors of Italy – Basilicata”


By Rosanna Sumera, MA 2014-15

We can all attest that Italian cuisine is great and Tuscany may arguably have the best regional food in Italy. However, living in Italy will inevitably cause students to jones for other international cuisine in addition to American novelties. On Via del Giglio, two doors up from the Marist office, is an international store called VVM or Vivi Market. Run and owned by an Asian family, this international grocery store provides a variety of foods form different regions of the world.  Continue reading “VIVIMARKET!”