La Viola: the Pride of Firenze

By Sarah Noel Rodriguez, MA 2015-16

The spirit of football and team pride in ACF Fiorentina is strong in the beautiful city of Firenze. The passion for calcio (football) is alive and almost tangible when you are surrounded by the passionate tifosi (supporters) of the sport. In every single piazza, there is purple, red, and white. As you walk through the Central Market at San Lorenzo, you will see the bright flags, scarves, and posters that display the name of the club and the symbol of the city. Talking about the last match is common in most conversations and the phrase “Forza Viola!” is often said.

Fiorentina 2

From the perspective of someone who is obsessed with football, I can safely say that nothing compares to watching the beautiful game in a country like Italy. Italians are extremely passionate for their club squads and gli Azzurri, the national team. The Italian national team has won four World Cup trophies and Serie A is one of the best leagues in the world in which 20 of the top Italian clubs compete for the scudetto, or championship.

Football is incredibly important to the culture of the country: it is a passion, a dream, and for many, a way of life. The sport gives supporters a purpose and a voice, and this passion can be seen in a variety of forms. For instance, people wearing their club’s colors are common and you’ll meet people who refuse to wear a certain color if it is that of their rival!

Supporting a team isn’t just for match day – it drives every aspect of life. Derby day, the match when two rival teams from the same city play against each other, is the most important (and stressful) day of the year for many fans in Italy. In Fiorentina’s case, the biggest match of the season is against Juventus, a club from Torino.

Whether you are at the Artemio Franchi Stadium or in a local pub, you will find yourself in a very unique atmosphere. There is something special about watching sports with people who are fully invested in the game. The emotion of the match can be overwhelming and that is proof that the love and passion for the game is in the heart of every supporter. For me watching football in Italy intensifies this feeling times ten.

Going to the stadium, singing the chants with the other supporters, and cheering for la Viola would be a fantastic experience for anyone who wants to experience a proper Italian football match. If you can’t make it to a match at the stadium, don’t worry! Any time Fiorentina plays, almost every single bar, pub, and restaurant is watching and the atmosphere is just as incredible.

Since we are lucky enough to live in this beautiful city, let us do as the Florentines do: watch the pride of the city and proudly support la Viola with all of our hearts!

Contro la Viola, Against Fiorentina,
poi la pagherai,   
then you will pay,
non ci crederai, 
you won’t believe 
che vinceremo noi, 
that we will win
Forza Viola alè, alè, 
Go Viola, ale, ale
alè, alè, alè, alè, alè, alè!
 ale, ale, ale, ale, ale, ale!

Where to buy tickets:
You can buy tickets online here:

You could also go to ACF Fiorentina Spa at Via Settesanti, 28R located at the corner of Via Duprè in order to buy tickets in person; the phone number is 055-5532803 and if you have questions, you can email them at

Another location is Fiorentina Point at Via Manfredo Fanti, 85/A; their phone number is 055-571259 and you can email them at

If you are interested in team news, fixtures, highlights, media, and everything Fiorentina, Viola Channel is the official website of the club. Here you can find everything you want to know about the team as well as see exclusive photos, interviews, and more! [Link to the website in English: ]

Also be sure to follow their official social media accounts to stay updated with the club!
Twitter: @acffiorentina as well as the players
Instagram: @acffiorentina!
Facebook page:

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