Freshmen Florence Experience Food Blogs

As part of the First-Year Seminar Prof. Joseph Campisi is teaching this semester on the Philosophy of Food, students are required to maintain a blog where they respond to weekly prompts.  Recently, they spent time in class discussing the physiology of taste, how our various senses, sight, sound, touch (mouth-feel), taste and especially smell come together to create our experience of the “flavor” of a particular food. They also discussed various conditions under which people come to like and dislike certain foods.

Students were asked to try something new here in Italy (something they hadn’t eaten before) and provide a sensory analysis of that food: what it looked like, felt in their mouth, smelled like, etc.  They were also asked to describe their reaction to that food – did they like it? Dislike it? Etc.

Here are links to some of the best posts:
Anna McLaughlin (anchovies):

Taylor Brennan (pappardelle with wild boar sauce):

Jordan Wimby (fruit juice “caviar”):

Happy reading!

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