Cheap Travel in Europe

By Jackie Gruber, FFE 2015-16

After weeks of studying and preparing for midterms fall break finally arrived and many of our students traveled to amazing places all over Europe. This year the popular destinations of our Marist Italy Freshman class include Greece, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Budapest, Spain, Prague, and Portugal. But, we wanted to provide some more information to our students about cheap travel for future planning.

Here are a few tips:

1) Plan ahead of time: By doing this you will be able to have the widest selection of flight available as well as the cheapest flights and some of the nicest hostels. This is a great way to organize trips so you are not getting overwhelmed by saving everything to the last minute.

2) Skyscanner: This website will now be your best friend. It is similar to Travelocity. It will allow you to search by destination and show you every airline flying out on that date with the price. Don’t know where you want to go? No problem, simply type into the search bar what airport you are departing from and then put “everywhere” into the search bar and it will give you a list of destinations with the best deals.

3) Ryanair: Another great airline that provides cheap flights to destinations. If you want to book a trip late and don’t know where you want to go, no problem. If you enter your location on the bottom of the page it will show you deals for the week to different countries, which are great for last minute planning.

4) Airport Advice: Florence students! The airport in Florence is small therefor; there are not a lot of options for flights. The best airports to go to are Pisa or Bologna – for just six Euro hop on the bus, which only takes approximate 50 minutes, and it will take you directly to the airport. You can also take the train to the city center and a taxi or bus to the airport from there.

5) Booking Hostels: One of the best sites to look at is Hostel World. Hostel World allows you to view each hostel in the area and give you the best reviews and rankings. When booking hostels you also want to make sure the highest ranking is for cleanliness, location, security, safety, and value for your money. You also might want to check out the reviews from previous guests. If you want to get a better deal stay outside the city center and use the public transportation. It will save you some money and give you the opportunity to explore different countries transportation systems such as the London Tube.

6) Overnight busses: Want to save even more money? Take an overnight bus, they are comfortable, and allow you to extend you time in the destination of your choice without missing out. It will also save you from paying for a hostel an extra night.




“ I am going to Greece, and I am most excited to see the place where my ancestors were born” – Saige Ferentinos (Freshmen Florence Experience) 

“ I am most excited to meet my future boss and have a private viewing of a London museum; but I know I will also make great memories traveling all of England with my amazing friends”. – Aimelie Moen (BA Student) 

“ I’m traveling to Brussels, Portugal, and Spain over the break and I’m so excited to be able to see three different countries and four different cities in just ten days with my friends! I am also very excited to eat tapas in Barcelona”. – Katie Kilgallen (Marist Semester Study Abroad Student) 

“ I am most excited for my best friend to visit. We are going to Barcelona, Bologna, and Perugia. I can’t wait to explore different parts of Italy!” – Mackenzie Hubner (Master Student) 

“ I am super excited about enjoying beautiful weather and culture with good company in Santorini, Greece” – Elizabeth Howe (Freshmen Florence Experience Alumnus/Marist Semester Study Abroad Student) 

“ I am most excited to explore European cities such as Budapest, Prague and Amsterdam with my friends and take a break from classes”- Adler Papiernik (Marist Freshmen Florence Experience) 

“ I’m most excited to see a part of the world that I have never been to. I’m going to Spain and Portugal and cannot wait for the adventure” – Catherine Sloat (Freshmen Florence Experience) 

“ I am going to be in Barcelona for Halloween which apparently is one of the best places in the world” – Michael Padula (Freshmen Florence Experience Alumni/Marist Semester Study Abroad Student)

Photo by Meredith Pollock


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