Il Grande Museo del Duomo

By Meredith Pollock, MA 2015-16

After more than two and a half years under renovation and 45 million Euro later, Il Grande Museo del Duomo has finally reopened. It is a beautiful testament to the construction and legacy of the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore, and according to the museum’s website “if you haven’t seen this, you haven’t seen Florence.”

Il Grande Museo consists of twenty-five rooms and over 6000 square meters of space. On display are 750 masterpieces covering 720 years of history, including one of Michelangelo’s last works. Its collection contains the largest concentration of Florentine monumental sculpture on Earth. The exhibitions emulate the original location of the works, most of which adorned the interiors and exteriors of churches. The museum itself is impeccably designed as well. Every space was specifically designed for the works it displays, resulting in complete harmony between the exhibitions and the art. The museum uses innovative technology to educate visitors and highlight the collection, including video displays, music, and interactive features.

DUomo museo

A ticket to Il Grande Museo also admits you to Brunelleschi’s Dome, Giotto’s Bell Tower, the Baptistery of San Giovanni, and the Crypt of Santa Reparata. You have seven days to validate the ticket, but once you use it at the first location you only have 24 hours to visit the rest of the attractions. Il Grande Museo is an excellent way to educate yourself about Florence’s most iconic building!


Duomo photo by Meredith Pollock


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