Milan Fashion Week Adventures

By Cassandra Pintro, FFE 2015-16

Last week a close friend of mine inquired about taking a weekend trip to Milan Fashion Week. Of course, who am I to say no to that? We planned and planned and finally worked out the details and our trip was booked! Friday the 26th we departed from Florence and made our way to Milan but didn’t reach the city until the evening. We prepped ourselves for the days to come without a single thing planned. We woke up, made a breakfast of champions, got dressed, and headed into the city!

First stop, the oldest mall in the world (of course) to kick off the trip. It was rainy and cold but that meant absolutely nothing. You saw women with furs, cropped denim pants, stilettos (including myself), sunglasses, and skirts, and photographers could be spotted just about everywhere you looked. It was truly fabulous.

By noon after visiting Tom Ford, Alexander McQueen, Versace, Dior, Chanel, Maison Margiela, Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Gucci, and Bottega Veneta and networking with other fashion lovers we decided to get lunch. We found a little bakery that also sold lunch food next door to Dolce & Gabbana called Pinci Bakery so we decided to eat there. Filled with people, we finally found two seats and we finished eating but continued to sit for a bit. A woman who was sitting in front of us asked if we were there for fashion week and we replied that we were. She invited us to visit the showroom of a fashion company she had been working for the next morning and wow, was it a sight to see! She then leaves and another man and women sit down and I compliment the blouse she was wearing and she informed me of where it was from. We continued to chat with them about fashion week and turns out they were both designers and two of the nicest people we met that weekend. We exchanged information and it was an awesome time.

Finally, we leave the bakery and head over to Chiara Ferragni’s event where I actually did see her as she went in before the crowd. By this time, things were going great and we decide on our next move. We then proceeded to go to the Sheraton Diana Majestic where the Gucci show was held earlier in the day for the closed after show event. By the time the night ended we were exhausted but ready for the next day. The next morning we went to visit the showroom we were invited to see. The brand was Desa 1972 and they displayed their new line of women’s handbags. They were amazing, and certainly something to look out for to those keeping up with fashion. After that they invited us to visit the private showroom at the house of Marco Rigoni. Rigoni welcomed us in and showed us the collection from the runways and had me try nearly everything on (who was I to turn down the offer?). We then exchanged information and agreed that we’d have to meet again after Paris Fashion Week. It was an amazing weekend and a great time with both my close friend and the incredible people we met. Milan Fashion Week was definitely a success. Being a fashion major, I am so grateful because without the FFE program and being a Marist student I wouldn’t have been able to do or live half as greatly as I do now!



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