Our Favorite Classes

Our Favorite Classes

By Jean Hinkley, MA 2016-2017

Besides eating gelato, visiting museums, grabbing cappuccinos, and exploring the city with new friends, we do have classes to go to.

Here is a sample of some favorite classes from our Marist Italy students:

Hasion Gaston, FFE, 2016-2017

Favorite Class: Food & Culture

What is the class about and why do you like it?

The class is about how the food we eat is based on convenience, geography, and religion. We talk about family traditions, customs, and taboos with regards to food. I like it because it is one of the few classes that is not fully based on Italian culture. This class incorporates all cultures!

What is the coursework like?

There is not an excessive amount of reading for this class. We do have to write a long research paper for the end for the semester. In addition to the research paper we create a power point to present in class so that our classmates have an idea about what our interests are.

What do you like about your professor?

The professor loves what he teaches. He is always looking to see students’ perspectives.

What is your favorite food?

Fat American food!

Nichole McCarty, MA 2016-2017

Favorite Class: Museums, Galleries, and the History of Collecting 

What is this class about?

The professor presents the history of collecting and it’s collectors from ancient times to present day museums. We have very active discussions on the intentions and problems of the collectors and what we could improve on. I really enjoy learning about ancient times collections. I didn’t know very much about this subject, but our professor discussed the topic clearly and brought up how museums and libraries connect with each other, which I never thought about.

What do you like about this class?

I like this class because class discussions and debates are interesting. There is not a wrong answer during discussion. It is a fun class because you get to engage with everyone and theorize about the readings.

What about your professor?

The professor is great! Even though she is incredibly smart and speaks six languages, she is very easy to talk to. She listens and understands where we are coming from and responds back.

How do you anticipate this class will shape your career path?

I will keep in mind how objects were displayed in the past when setting up an exhibition.

What is your favorite museum?

The Bargello! It is an underrated museum with a great collection especially for small arts.

Jenny Durfey, BA, 2014-2017

Favorite Class: Italian Civilization and Culture

Why is this your favorite class?

We talk about literature from Dante and Petrarch up to now, so it is interesting to see the progression from each author to the next.

What is the coursework like?

There is a lot of reading and writing – all pertaining to the class. Right now we are reading a few chapters from a novel for weekly homework. We have been reading excerpts from La Divina Commedia, Il Decameron, and works from Petrarca and Tasso.

How is class structured?

It is mostly lecture. We go over the time period, the author, the book in general, and then specific excerpts from the readings.

What is something that you learned that you didn’t know before you took the class?

I didn’t really know who Boccaccio (the 14th century Italian writer of the Decameron) was before this class.

How will it help you academically?

It improves my Italian reading and writing skills; and, especially my listening skills because of the lecture. It is good to know the culture and time period as well.

What is your favorite book?

All the Harry Potters!

Thanks to all Hasion, Nichole, and Jenny for their information on Marist LdM classes – Happy studying!

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