Live Music in Florence

By: Nichole McCarty, MA, 2016-17

Whether is Bohemian Rhaspody or Gregorian Church Chanting, we can all agree music moves the soul and relaxes the body. We gathered a list of our favorite spots for live music in Florence everything from chic basements of smooth jazz to lively open-mic nights in a cozy pub. Here are some great spots to check out live music in Florence!

Super Fox

Via della Vigna Vecchia 27/r


Off the beaten track, this hidden gem is right next to the towering Bargello museum. A small but welcoming pub full of funny Italian and foreigner characters, this place is great for meeting new people. Super Fox hosts an open-mic night (very open to all, lol) every Friday at 9, but actually around 10. You can request songs – even country music – or just get up and sing. This place is a must for beginning a Friday night out!

La Ménagère

Via dei Ginori 8R, Firenze


A combination of Brooklyn industrial space and a Parisian flair, this spot is a local’s favorite. The basement of La Ménagère  restaurant is an ideal acoustic heaven for musicians. This club dishes punk rock, covers of David Bowie and Prince, a monthly Beatles night, and softer beats from local musicians. Jazz, latin, bossanova, funk, and classic are also staple gigs at this venue.

Ditta Artigianale

Via dello Sprone 5

On the other side of the Arno, in a cozy, artisanal coffee house, you can hear the rich sounds of a jazz band. Alternating between Thursday and Friday nights this coffee house turns its upstairs into a mini stage playing jazz and blues starting at 9. Don’t miss their gig this Thursday, April 13th!

Tasso Hostel

Via Villani, 15, 50124 Firenze

Gaining more and more popularity since 2013, this hostel is transforming into a local and international music, poetry, and theatre venue. An unpredictable house, playing Rockabilly and Ska one week and chill indie-Italian music the next. Tasso hosts an open-mic night every first Wednesday of the month, 8-10pm, another free entry spot but you are more than welcomed to bring a plate of food to share!

Another great way to experience music in the city is to walk around and listen for it! Many street performers hang out by the Duomo, Piazza della Repubblica, and between the Uffizi and Palazzo Vecchio. Enjoy the sounds of the city!


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