Travels Beyond Florence

By: Aimelie Moen, BA, 2014-2018 Traveling Abroad While Abroad The first step was getting here—applying to Marist, packing bags, leaving home and now, you’re here and it’s home.  That same itch that drove you to leave the familiar, explore the unknown, and wander—your wanderlust—has come back, and this time with a vengeance. How can you study, maintain your social life and still travel and explore—and … Continue reading Travels Beyond Florence

Cinqueccento in Florence

By: Rafael Orozco, MA, 2017-2018 Palazzo Strozzi is showcasing some of the best 16th century Italian works of art by Tuscan masters which will be exhibited until the 21st of January 2018. The exhibition displays the works of superb Florentine artists, including Michelangelo, Giorgio Vasari, Pontormo, Giambologna and many more. Before the exhibit was open to the public, the Museum Studies masters students at Marist … Continue reading Cinqueccento in Florence

The Odeon Theatre

By: Marcello Betman, FFE, 2017 Thinking about watching a movie soon? Look no further than the wonderful Odeon theatre! The Odeon theatre is the only theatre in Florence that shows movies in their original audio. American movies are showed in English with Italian subtitles. The film selection is always changing just like any other theatre but what makes the Odeon theatre so unique is its … Continue reading The Odeon Theatre