The Odeon Theatre

By: Marcello Betman, FFE, 2017

Thinking about watching a movie soon? Look no further than the wonderful Odeon theatre! The Odeon theatre is the only theatre in Florence that shows movies in their original audio. American movies are showed in English with Italian subtitles. The film selection is always changing just like any other theatre but what makes the Odeon theatre so unique is its variety of films. At the Odeon, you are not only limited to watching new releases, instead there are older classic films to choose from. Past movies shown included classics like The Shining and Saturday Night Fever. However, if you do decide to watch a newer release it is important to note that the film release dates differ per film. For example, Dunkirk was showed a month after it was released in the USA and Blade Runner was shown a week after it was released in the USA. The release date is different in Italy than in America but you can always check the schedule beforehand to see what the theatre has in store for upcoming months.odeon 1

The price for a movie ticket is eight euro, however if you mention that you are a student you will get a student discount, lowering the price to only 6 euro! However, it is important to keep in mind that the theatre only accepts cash so make sure you have enough euros for your ticket and popcorn to snack on while watching the movie. The theatre itself is massive, the screen is huge, and the seats are incredibly comfortable. A unique feature of the theatre is that its interior is in its original material from the 1920’s and they continue to restore it as needed. But don’t worry, they have modern sound and visual systems, so the quality is good. Another thing to keep in mind is that all movies include an intermission in the middle of the movie which lasts for about ten minutes.

The Odeon theatre is a great theatre to go catch a movie at so be sure to click on the link below to plan your next cinematic adventure!

Contact info:

Odeon Cinema

Piazza degli Strozzi,

50123 Firenze FI

Tel: 055 214068


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