Reasons Why You Should Visit Fiesole

By: Catalena Diamente, BA, 2017

See Fiesole! Scenic Views of Tuscany and Firenze!  Historical Sites! Great Restaurants and Food!

Students and other travelers will tell you that one of the best views of Firenze and of Tuscany landscapes can be found by visiting the town of Fiesole! The town is renowned for its historic pre-Roman Etruscan and Roman historical sites and for its amazing views of Tuscany and Firenze. It was once a rival city of Firenze, before the Romans conquered the Etruscans.

To get there it is just a 5-minute walk from Via San Gallo (freshmen housing) to Piazza San Marco, where you can ride the number 7 bus and take off to Fiesole! If you grab a seat on the right-hand side of the bus and look as you head up the hillside, you will get an awesome view of Firenze. Thirty minutes later and 295 meters high above Florence, you will arrive at the last stop a in the center square of Fiesole.

The BA students chose this destination for one of the activities organized by student workers in the Marist Italy office and visited the Museo Civico Archeologico di Fiesole, which has Roman historical sites including a temple, baths, and an Amphitheatre.

fiesole arena.png

Previously inhabited by the Etruscans, Fiesole was taken over by the Romans in the 8th century. In Fiesole, archeologists have found remains of a temple buildings dedicated to the Etruscan Menvra/Menerva (Goddess of War, Art, Wisdom, and Health).

view of duomo.png

An amphitheater was built and operas were still held there not too long ago. Now the remains of both heritages can be discovered by you, at the Sito Archeologico di Fiesole!

Fiesole also has many restaurants to choose from and attractions like the Museum Bandini and Medici Family Villas. Other exciting things to do and see there include:  bike tours, bus tours, Sportelli Street art, and the Cathedral San Romolo.

This town is a wonderful place to see the history of Rome and Etruria, as well as the beauty of the Tuscany countryside and great views of Firenze!

ba fiesole trip.jpg

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