Things to do and see before you go home by Julissa Medina.

The end of the year is just around the corner which means graduation for some or the end of their stay in Florence for others. Whether you are staying for another year or going back home, check out these awesome activities to do before you leave! Listed in no particular order, here are some of the things I have enjoyed while living here:


1. Take a trip to Lucca!

Lucca is a beautiful, small city located only an hour and 20-minute train ride from Florence. What I loved about the city was how small yet populated it was. There is always so many people out in the city center and there are an abundance of amazing restaurants to choose from. Escape the big-city feel of Florence for this peaceful time in Lucca. The best part of this town is the large wall surrounding it which you can ride a bike on, or even roller blade! There are bike rental shops located around the city.

Picture2.png Picture3.png

2. Watch a movie at the Odeon

 The Odeon theatre, located near Piazza della Reppublica, is one of the only movie theatres in Florence that plays its movies in their original sound! The theatre is unique in that it has not been changed since the 1920’s. For only 6.50 euros, you can watch some of the latest films and even some classics! Be sure to let them know at the ticket office that you are a student to receive this discount!

Picture5.png hiukk.png

3. Take a cooking class

The Mercato Centrale offers many cooking classes for the public which range from three-course meals to specifically cooking desserts. At the end of the class you get to keep the apron and the chef will give you a printed version of the recipe for you to cook at home!

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4. Go to a Fiorentina soccer game!

Florentines are really proud of their soccer team and that can be seen while attending a soccer game. The games are always filled with fun as the fans around you are constantly cheering and rooting for Fiorentina! Be sure to grab some tickets and watch an amazing game.
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5. Ride the carousel in Piazza Repubblica

Last but not least, the carousel located in Piazza Repubblica! You have not truly completed your Florence experience if you have not been on this carousel. Take in the beautiful scenery around you while riding this and be sure to grab some delicious food in one of the restaurants nearby!



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