Spooky and Kooky Tales of Florence

By: Emily Hurley, MA, 2018 When most people think of Florence, they usually think of art and the Italian Renaissance instead of ghost tales and spooky legends. However, Florence has been around for hundreds of years and while it may not be known for scary stories, it has a rich history of conflicts and death […]

The new Urban Renaissance: Street Art in Florence

By Tehani-Li Johnson, FFE, 2018 There is street art all over the city of Florence; walking the streets is akin to walking through an art museum. These pieces can be separated into four categories named after well-known artists: Clet, Blub, Exit/Enter, and Hopnn Yuri. Clet can be described as “Florence street sign art”. The art style […]

Events, concerts, movies, and festivals happening between October 13 to October 19 in and near Florence.

By: Emily Hurley, MA, 2018 Apologia della Creatività October 13 7:00pm Museo Novecento, Piazza Santa Maria Novella 10 Artisan Marina Calamai has created a new experiential performance which combines music, dance, sound, scent, and traditional Florentine crafts. The soundtrack will be recorded from artisan workshops, their tools acting as instruments, which will be complimented by […]

Grüβe aus Oktoberfest!

By: Jessica Nattrass, MA, 2018 Almost everyone has heard about Oktoberfest, the festival designed for wearing Lederhosen or a Dirndl and drinking buckets of beer. While traditional costumes and beer can be found in abundance, Oktoberfest is much more than that. Last weekend, a couple of my roommates and I travelled to Munich to experience […]