Top 6 Places in Florence for Insta Pics!

By: Rebecca Batease, BA, 2013

Most of the places on this list are completely free or worth the minimal money spent. Along with being aesthetically pleasing and sure to gain you more Instagram followers, these places can also offer unique experiences in themselves.

  1. Any high window with a view of the city (Free/Minimal charge)
    •  Luckily this is not one specific place, but many places around the city! This picture idea can be used anywhere within Florence where you are able to see the cityscape. When the lighting is right this can create a perfect silhouette picture with the cityscape as the backdrop. When you do this at different places there are distinct buildings within the city that stand out more. Through finding these many picture spots, you also come to realize that there are a lot more domes in Florence than you may have thought. Some places with wonderful views that I have found are Palazzo Pitti, Palazzo Vecchio, Uffizi, and Orsanmichele, though there are many more out there. The price for entry on all of these museums is different but if you love art (and want to grab that great pic for the ‘gram) I recommend you check these museums out. Trust me, they are all well worth it! But if you are really only going to them for these Instagram posts, go on the first Sunday of a month when entrance is free to the state owned museums
  2. La Mensa on Santa Reparata (Free)
    • Similar to Sant’Orsala, I love this place because it has impressive graffiti and posters plastered all over it. The artwork is changed quite regularly by the students that attend this UniFi building. Although this building belongs to the University of Florence, all are welcome. Many of the UniFi students hangout here in their down time; there have been times I have seen people doing homework and other times people are drinking and having fun. Sometimes there are no people here at all! With La Mensa you really never know what to expect.
  3.  San Miniato (Free)
    • This amazing church is located just a little further up the hill past Piazzale Michelangelo. Though the view from there is amazing, it is even better at San Miniato because on a clear day you can see the entirety of Florence along with all of the mountain ranges beyond it. Along with the impeccable view of the city, the church of San Miniato is just as stunning. Plus, entrance to San Miniato is always free and it is open weekdays in the morning. I am usually not big on physical activity but I think the walk up the hill is well worth it for that unique picture to show off to your friends.
  4. Giardino dell’Orticoltura (Free)
    • This is a park that is free to the public. Inside, there is a stunning glass building that is sometimes used to hold events in the city. Last year when I went to this park, my roommate and I stumbled upon an auction in this unique building for plants. Although the auction itself was different, it was so beautiful inside the all glass structure. There is also a stunning loggia within the park.
  5. Fiesole (Minimal charge)
    • Fiesole is the town on the hill above Florence and you can get there by bus in around 15 minutes. Other than the 1.50 euro spent on the bus ticket, all of the appeal of Fiesole is free. Within the city there are various spots where you can stop, sit, and observe all of Florence below. I have been to Fiesole both during the day and at night and the view below is breathtaking at all times. Along with the view of Florence, Fiesole is just a cute smaller city. The streets are not crowded so you can actually stop and take pictures in them without masses of tourists getting in the way!

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