Eating your way through Italy – Dessert Edition!

By Kyla Gaibor, FFE, 2018

If you ask people why they would recommend visiting Italy, chances are they have mentioned the great food. From pizza to pasta, gelato to tiramisu, Italy is home to some of the world’s best foods! But if you’re anything like me, you might be just a little more interested in the best desserts! Different regions of Italy boast different specialties, so try not to work up *too* much of an appetite as we explore a few regions and their unique flavors.


Milan –

You may be visiting for the fashion, but Milan is home to quite a few tasty treats! My personal favorite is the infamous dessert: Panettone. Panetonne is a round-shaped sweet loaf with little bits of dried fruits. If you’re lucky enough to be in Italy during the Christmas season, you’ll be happy to find these scrumptious loaves on shelves in every bakery.


Sicily –

While enjoying the Mediterranean Sea, take a break from the Sicilian beaches and get some munchies! My personal favorite *has* to be the super-sweet cannolo! These treats are simple pastries filled with a sweet cream, usually containing ricotta. Most will have some powdered sugar sprinkled on top, but you can find cannolis with all kinds of toppings! My favorite combo is dark chocolate and pistacchio…. Make sure you have a super sweet friend to share it with too!

Veneto –

Any good Italian meal ends with a little dolce, or something sweet! If you’re in Veneto to see Venice’s canals, I would suggest ending your day on a sweet note with some tiramisu. Tiramisu actually literally translates to “pick me up”, which I think is the *perfect* name for such a sweet treat! Tiramisu is a coffee-flavored layered dessert, with ladyfingers dipped in coffee, mascarpone cheese, and an egg white and sugar mixture. Top it all off with a little bit of cocoa powder and you’ll see why many Italian meals end with a staple dessert like this!

Florence –  

By now, you probably have favorite places for whatever you might crave. Hopefully, this list doesn’t neglect the Italian staple: gelato. It’s only suiting that the yearly Gelato Festival is held in the city of the treat’s origins. Gelato comes in all flavors, but some basic qualities are either a more fruity variety similar to a sorbet, or a more creamy variety that will remind you of typical American ice cream. What’s your favorite gelato flavor?


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