Things to do in Florence 3/2 – 3/8

By Emily Hurley, MA, 2019

Events, concerts, movies, and festivals happening between March 2 to March 8 in and near Florence.

All State Museums are Free!
March 4

On the first Sunday of every month, all state museums in Florence have free entrance for everyone, including museums such as the Uffizi Gallery and Pitti Palace. For a full list of state museums in Florence, click here.

Visarno Market
March 2-3
Visarno Arena, Piazza delle Cascine

The second edition of the Visarno Market will be coming to the historic Visarno Arena for two days. There will be a wide selection of vintage, homemade, and modern items as well as illustrations, vinyl, and design exhibitors. Visitors can participate in workshops and other activities all accompanied by music and a street food area. For more information about this event, visit their Facebook page here.

The History of European Integration and the Common Market
March 4

A Conversation on Immigration in Italy
March 6

Villa Sassetti, Via Bolognese 120

The NYU Florence branch campus will be hosting two lectures this upcoming week. The first titled “The History of European Integration and the Common Market” will be given by Davide Lombardo of NYU Florence. The second on Italian Immigration will be run as a conversation with local activists and moderated by NYU Florence’s Angelica Pesarini. For more information about these lectures or others in the NYU spring series, please click here.

Captain Marvel
March 6-17
Odeon Cinema, piazza degli Strozzi

Carol Danvers, played by Brie Larson, is a former U.S. Air Force fighter pilot who will become one of the world’s most powerful superheroes when earth finds itself in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races: the Kree and the Skrull. This movie will be in its original English version with subtitles in Italian. For more information about this film or other films at the Odeon, click here.

WORK(IN)SPACE: Koyal Raheja
March 6-10
SACI’s Maidoff Gallery, Via Sant’Egidio, 14

“Et Fiat Lux” by Špela Volčič
March 7- April 3
SACI Gallery, Via Sant’Antonino, 11

Gallery Hours: Mon – Fri 9am-7pm, Sat – Sun 1pm – 7pm

WORK(IN)SPACE is a series of exhibitions put on by SACI second year MFA students, presenting a new student’s body of work every week. Volčič’s work in “Et Fiat Lux” focuses on the tension between reality and fiction, where she folds imitation flowers and captures the final product through photographs. Her work is reminiscent of seventeenth century Dutch Baroque still-life paintings, providing a familiar image to viewers that actually comes from a trans-historical and trans-cultural design. For more information about these exhibitions, please click here.

Museums in Florence

Brancacci Chapel
Piazza del Carmine, 14
Open: Wednesday- Monday 10:00am-5:00pm
Tickets: €6 for university students

A group of friars from Pisa founded the Church of the Blessed Virgin of Carmel in Florence in 1268. The complex was expanded and intensive construction projects carried out. Frescoes by Masaccio, Masolino and Filippino Lippi were added to its interior and Duke Cosimo I ordered Giorgio Vasari to modernize the church. In 1771 a terrible fire broke out destroying much of the interior and furnishings, however the building was spared. It was later renovated in the late Baroque style, taking on the appearance it still has today. For more information about this museum, please click here.

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