A Short Guide to the City of Berlin

By: Autumn Wood, BA, 2019

Though my trip to Berlin was cut short (once again) by an outbreak of the flu, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s an amazing city, perfect for weekend trips due to cheap round-trip flights and Airbnb’s. When coming into Berlin you arrive at one of two airports. I arrived at Teget airport. There are several ways you can get to the center of the city from Teget airport: one is by taxi, which is relatively cheap in Berlin, and the other is to take the bus into the center. Berlin is the capital and largest city in Germany, and as such has many attractions for you to see, like Museum Island, the Berlin wall, the Pergamon museum, the zoo, the DDR museum and many others. Here are some top restaurants and attractions that get my personal stamp of approval in Berlin.



Places To Eat


German food is very heavy, delicious, and unique. A nice restaurant can also be quite inexpensive, with a gigantic portion for only 13 euro, it just depends on where you go. Typical German foods include beef stew, potatoes, sausages, sauerbraten, sauerkraut and many more. Typical beers are berliner-wasser, a beer mixed with flavored syrup, and roggenbeir.


Mosaik Cantine Cafe – A typical restaurant in the center of Berlin. A bit expensive.


Marjellchen– An amazing typical German style restaurant. The woman who owns the place is warm and inviting and you feel like you are eating a home cooked meal in her cozy home. She dropped some potatoes off of my plate and ate them. It was epic.


House of Wonder – An extremely busy hipster cafe with lots of cool people and interesting food. It’s an Asian German fusion place! It’s incredible for brunch. I ate this croissant with Asian style braised pork belly, tomato, and lettuce with a spinach salad, and tomato soup.


Miyabi Sushi– By far the best and cheapest sushi I have ever had. My friend paid under 20 euro for a miso soup, a glass of wine, and a couple of sushi rolls and dumplings. I got this gigantic bowl, sushi and rice, as well as miso soup.


Places to Go


Berlin Wall east side Gallery. See the artwork and the history.


Pergamon Museum- Situated in Museum Island. There are three sections which are the antiquity collection, the Middle East museum, and the Museum of Islamic Art.


Berlin Zoo- I don’t really agree with how zoos work because I think they’re cruel. But if that’s your thing Berlin has a huge zoo.( enjoy this photo of my boss )


MONSTERKABINETT- One of the most amazing experiences of my life. An animatronic show put on by the artist who created all the sculptures made of scraps in the show. So incredible you feel like you’re in another world. Show is only 20-30 minutes with a ticket of 8 euro. You can wait inside the bar before the show starts because the artist owns the bar, too. Inside the bar and the show are both magical, but you’re not allowed to take photos. We waited for our tickets at a sign that said, “Please wait here,” and a man ( the artist ) jumped off his balcony from the bar and asked us if we wanted to see his show. It was a little strange, and dark. But if you’re artistic you’ll love the place.


Berlin is a cool and progressive city, with a grunge/artistic vibe. The food is amazing, too. You can find a variety of German restaurants, as well as other types of food. There are great bands and a huge beer culture that compliment what is considered to be some of the best night life in Europe. To top all that off, the city is one of the safest to visit and live. If you get a free weekend, I really would recommend heading over to Berlin.

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