Natalia Goncharova: Visionary

Palazzo Strozzi opened an exhibition featuring the work of Natalia Goncharova on September 27th.  Goncharova is an iconic 19th century impressionist avant garde artist who is often compared to other visionaries such as Picasso and Matisse.

Goncharova was known for her refusal to settle and her constant work for gender equality and reform, especially when it came to art and education.  Her work was seen as extremely controversial and often banned from traditional exhibition spaces, leading her to create her own galleries or join preexisting radical art groups across Europe.  Now, her art is seen as instrumental in the revolutionary art movement and she is revered as a leader in avant garde art.

Marist’s LdM Master’s in Museum Studies students were invited to the private viewing at the gallery’s opening event as Amici di Palazzo Strozzi.  The event was an incredible opportunity to see the pieces alongside other art and museum specialists and those who supported the Goncharova exhibition.  I personally found her work in theatre and opera to be the most interesting portion of the showcase as it featured video of the shows her work was featured in, costumes she created, sets she designed, as well as sketches of scenic and costuming pieces.  She had such a wide range of variety in her work and I found this to be a stunning example of her skill and genius.

Palazzo Strozzi is featuring her work open to the public starting September 28th, tickets are available in person or through the Palazzo Strozzi website.

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