Newsletter 5/12-5/26

Friday, May 12th Movie OdenFirenze 9pm Tickets 8 euro Classic Woody Allen movie, Manhattan, in its restored version plays at the Odeon for three nights. The award winning movie follows the intertwining love story of several characters living in New York City. Great cinematography and soundtrack. For more information: Saturday, May 13th Art Show Piazza San Lorenzo and via Faenza 43 11-6:30pm Free Don’t miss … Continue reading Newsletter 5/12-5/26

The Best Memories: A year filled with new friends, off the beaten path travel, and the experience of a lifetime

By: Jillian McCarthy, FFE, 2016-17

 This was a tumultuous freshman year filled with many ups downs, and lots of new experiences that have forced me to grow up and become a better person. If you asked me a year ago where I would be today, I would definitely not have said Florence, where I am studying, eating, traveling, and enjoying a new way of life.

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Naples: A Progressive State

By: Petia Stoykova, BA, 2014-2018

Naples, a city with a strong reputation among Italians and greater curiosity to visitors, this destination is very popular among all travel lists, as the city develops and focuses on cultural awareness. The BA students were able to experience the Napolitano culture through local eyes. Arriving into the city with fresh but groggy eyes after an early morning train ride, we were looking forward to experience the new Naples over our extended weekend. Continue reading “Naples: A Progressive State”

Live Music in Florence

By: Nichole McCarty, MA, 2016-17

Whether is Bohemian Rhaspody or Gregorian Church Chanting, we can all agree music moves the soul and relaxes the body. We gathered a list of our favorite spots for live music in Florence everything from chic basements of smooth jazz to lively open-mic nights in a cozy pub. Here are some great spots to check out live music in Florence!

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