Strutting Your Stuff: Interning at Milan Fashion Week

By: Jillian McCarthy, BA, 2019 Some little girls, like me, grow up playing with dolls and obsessing over which article of clothing and accessory that the doll should don. They dream of clothes, the silky fabrics, the sparkly details, and of design. They pay particular attention to the beauty of all things- whether it’s in […]

Vintage and Outlet Shopping in Florence

By Rosanna Sumera, MA 2014-15 Who doesn’t love shopping? Many will admit to standing outside the Louis Vuitton and Prada window displays with secret desires to purchase every item in stock. That being said, unfortunately at every turn in Florence there are luxury brand stores clearly out of any student’s budget.

The Charity Shop

by Lisa Marie Davis, Marist Italy MA 2013-14 Love shopping? Me too! One of my favorite things about living in Italy is observing Italian fashion. I use the word observing because I am, like most of you, a student, which means that my funds are extremely limited. I spend my days browsing Via de’ Tornabuoni […]

A Glimpse into the Gucci Empire

By Harineta Rigatos, MA 2012-13 This past week the MA program visited the Gucci Museum with their very own private tour of Guccio Gucci’s empire! Why tour this museum? Well, of course we had to go drool over the original Jackie bags, the GG suitcases and the famous white GG bicycle. Through exposing the MA students to this contemporary museum located in […]