A Short Guide to the City of Berlin

By: Autumn Wood, BA, 2019 Though my trip to Berlin was cut short (once again) by an outbreak of the flu, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s an amazing city, perfect for weekend trips due to cheap round-trip flights and Airbnb’s. When coming into Berlin you arrive at one of two airports. I arrived at Teget airport. There are several ways you can get … Continue reading A Short Guide to the City of Berlin

Cuddle Up Cozy for Christmastime – Your Winter Break Reading List

By Marissa Acey, MA, 2018 The semester is over! Finals are finished! We can all finally take a breath of relief. What a whirlwind, right? I know I am definitely looking forward to some relaxing nights cuddled up by the fire with a good book. Whether you’re heading home to visit family, staying in the city for a Florentine holiday, or you’re taking the opportunity … Continue reading Cuddle Up Cozy for Christmastime – Your Winter Break Reading List

Things to Do in Florence 12/8-12/14

By Emily Hurley, MA, 2018 Body of Evidence December 5- January 30 6:00pm LdM Gallery, Via dei Pucci, 4 The LdM Gallery will be opening a new exhibition titled “Body of Evidence” focused on drawing and featuring work by three students. The exhibition investigates the concepts of reflection and identity through the depiction of the female form. Opening night includes a free aperitivo! For more … Continue reading Things to Do in Florence 12/8-12/14

Spooky and Kooky Tales of Florence

By: Emily Hurley, MA, 2018 When most people think of Florence, they usually think of art and the Italian Renaissance instead of ghost tales and spooky legends. However, Florence has been around for hundreds of years and while it may not be known for scary stories, it has a rich history of conflicts and death – there is bound to be some spooky and kooky … Continue reading Spooky and Kooky Tales of Florence

Grüβe aus Oktoberfest!

By: Jessica Nattrass, MA, 2018 Almost everyone has heard about Oktoberfest, the festival designed for wearing Lederhosen or a Dirndl and drinking buckets of beer. While traditional costumes and beer can be found in abundance, Oktoberfest is much more than that. Last weekend, a couple of my roommates and I travelled to Munich to experience the madness that is Oktoberfest. We had an interesting journey … Continue reading Grüβe aus Oktoberfest!

Venetian Carnivale

By Tierney Riccitelli, FFE 2015-16

After a face full of confetti that magically covers you from head to toe and gets in your mouth and inside your clothes, one could say that Carnivale is a wild celebration. In New Orleans, people lift up their shirts just to receive strings of beads to wear around their neck, but in Venice, you buy a bag of confetti and pelt people with it. Maybe you are like me and have determined what Carnivale is like based on Mardi Gras and the celebrations that take place in Rio and Otavalo, but this celebration is nothing like that.

Continue reading “Venetian Carnivale”