“Come si dice…?”: Italian Language Learning Tips

By Sarah Noel Rodriguez, MA 2015-16

One of the most exciting aspects of studying abroad in a different country is the opportunity to learn a new language. As someone who knows Italian very well, I am often asked how I became fluent and how long it took to be where I am. I took my first Italian class in the spring of 2013 and followed with a summer intersession course. By the fall of 2013, I was taking Intermediate Italian. Then, during Spring 2014, I decided to study abroad in Arezzo for a semester where I continued studying the language. For my final semesters in undergrad in 2015, I continued to take courses, ending up with a degree in the language from my university. Now, in 2016, I still continue learning the language every single day!

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Two Tuscan Villas

By Meredith Pollock, MA 2015-16

There is nothing more “Tuscan” than a villa. Immortalized in movies like Under the Tuscan Sun, the classic Italian villa is a truly spectacular sight. Typically surrounded by extensive gardens, villas and their grounds can be explored for hours. Thankfully there are a number of villas around Florence that have been beautifully preserved.

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The Old with the New

By Isaac Carreon, MA 2014-15

To many Italian Renaissance historians, Bernard Berenson needs no introduction, but to the average visitor to Florence, his name might not be so familiar. A 20th century art historian, he accumulated a large fortune by assisting art connoisseurs in assessing the values of Italian art created between the 1200s and well into the 1700s. What he did with his wealth is what is most intriguing to Renaissance historians and those who study the large Anglo-American expatriate community that grew in Florence in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries.

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