A Short Guide to the City of Berlin

By: Autumn Wood, BA, 2019 Though my trip to Berlin was cut short (once again) by an outbreak of the flu, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s an amazing city, perfect for weekend trips due to cheap round-trip flights and Airbnb’s. When coming into Berlin you arrive at one of two airports. I arrived […]

Strutting Your Stuff: Interning at Milan Fashion Week

By: Jillian McCarthy, BA, 2019 Some little girls, like me, grow up playing with dolls and obsessing over which article of clothing and accessory that the doll should don. They dream of clothes, the silky fabrics, the sparkly details, and of design. They pay particular attention to the beauty of all things- whether it’s in […]

Eating your way through Italy – Dessert Edition!

By Kyla Gaibor, FFE, 2018 If you ask people why they would recommend visiting Italy, chances are they have mentioned the great food. From pizza to pasta, gelato to tiramisu, Italy is home to some of the world’s best foods! But if you’re anything like me, you might be just a little more interested in […]

Grüβe aus Oktoberfest!

By: Jessica Nattrass, MA, 2018 Almost everyone has heard about Oktoberfest, the festival designed for wearing Lederhosen or a Dirndl and drinking buckets of beer. While traditional costumes and beer can be found in abundance, Oktoberfest is much more than that. Last weekend, a couple of my roommates and I travelled to Munich to experience […]

Genoa, a city of surprises by Nina Hsu, BA student

Marist Italy BA students went to Genoa and Monte Carlo in April for their annual BA trip. 3 months after, our student Nina Hsu is still marveling at the charm of the city of Genoa and the delicious food she ate there BY NINA HSU, BA STUDENTS, 2018 It surprises many Italians when I tell […]

The Best Memories: A year filled with new friends, off the beaten path travel, and the experience of a lifetime

By: Jillian McCarthy, FFE, 2016-17  This was a tumultuous freshman year filled with many ups downs, and lots of new experiences that have forced me to grow up and become a better person. If you asked me a year ago where I would be today, I would definitely not have said Florence, where I am […]

Naples: A Progressive State

By: Petia Stoykova, BA, 2014-2018 Naples, a city with a strong reputation among Italians and greater curiosity to visitors, this destination is very popular among all travel lists, as the city develops and focuses on cultural awareness. The BA students were able to experience the Napolitano culture through local eyes. Arriving into the city with […]