Pok Restaurants

There are a lot of great places to eat at in the Hudson Valley – with the fresh local movement in full swing you will not find yourself lacking interesting choices!  Here is a list of fun places in the area than former students have enjoyed.

Check out the local cuisine, with the CIA (Culinary Institute of America) right around the corner there are a multitude of funky and boutique restaurants dotted all over the Hudson Valley.  Take some time to explore – you will not be disappointed!  The CIA has a bakery inside which has amazing breakfasts and luches which are reasonably priced!  Absolutely a favorite among former Marist Students.

Twisted Soul – an Asian Fusion restaurant with baler lavender lemonade (all day everyday) [but not really].
Sushi Village – $20 for all you can eat sushi.  Thats right.  ALL. You. Can. Eat. And its fresh made to order so no worries on that.  The only caveat is if you don’t finish the plate they will charge you.  Take it slow and order a couple rolls at a time (unlimited number of orders) and you will be fine.
Soul Dog – a great hot dog place (its not new don’t let anyone tell you that) but you should go there at least once
 If you’re craving a genuine Italian panino the size of your face, obviously the first place to go is Rossi’s. Don’t let the lunch line intimidate you however – this is the best sandwich you will ever have.  hands down.  If you’d like to have the best American style sandwich in town, K&D’s is your place and its right across from Marist!

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