Tired of sitting in your room/apartment studying? Need a change of environment to focus on your studies?

1) Libreria Brac. ( Via dei Vagellai 18r) It’s an artsy and cozy place to go relax while you catch up on your reading. The menu is Vegetarian and Vegan, but once you have tried their food you just might become one! The prices are great, their menu always has a refreshing change, and the desserts are mouth-watering!!!!! If you are on an extreme budget, no worries because with just a one euro espresso you can sit there for hours!! Did I mention they have two Apple computers available to use without extra charge?!! Also wi-fi friendly 🙂 Walk further in the cafe and take a look at their mini library!


Try their fluffy cheesecake!

They have a vegan menu!

2) Cuculia libreria con cucina (Via de’ Serragli, 3r) is a great place to go if you live on the Duomo side and want to be on the other side of the river for a change. Surrounded by amazing art (which some are for sale), they alway serve their contemporary spin on brunch for 10 euros with tasty pastries and beverages. This is cute spot to go sit and study for hours on end with having only one cafe and they wont have a problem with that at all! There is free wifi as well!

3) Cafe Letterario Le Murate. ( Piazza delle Murate) Great spot to grab their Buffet style Aperitivo from 6-9:30pm and continue your studies!

4) Meykadeh Cafe. (Via dei Pepi, 14r) Be ready to drink your cafe macchiatos in LARGE cups in a place where people come together for interaction and conversation! With an intimate atmosphere, this bookstore cafe is a space for art, events, music, and many more!!

5) La Cité Libreria Café. Has a beautiful Moroccan vibe with a relaxing decor to make you forget you have been studying for hours! Get a cup of coffee and try their delicious traditional Aranciata risotto balls!!


6)  Arnold Coffee (Piazza Santa Maria Novella) Do you miss those GRANDE drinks you use to order at home? Do not worry, Arnold Coffee (The AMERICAN experience) has got you covered. Come drink large cups of coffee and use their free wifi.


Do YOU have any great recommendations of cafes/restaurants/little-holes-in-the-walls you have been to and want to share? Email us at!


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